Who We Are

We help small/medium businesses owners and enterprises maximize their revenue and impact online, grow their brand and ensure their sustainability over time in the digital marketplace, with our specialized marketing services.

Our Mission

Our mission at TalkMetric™ is structured into four pillars:

To [1] grow your business through all the main digital channels, such as email marketing, social media, PPC advertisement and search engine optimization, while [2] providing you with an endless stream of content for your channels (video, visual and written content), [3] nurture your clients automatically over time (creating customers for life) and [4] automating and integrating all the daily marketing and business activities as much as possible, with detailed client followup and marketing schedules, weekly and monthly editorial calendars, and inbound marketing best practices.

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digital marketing agency

About TalkMetric™

We are a group of web professionals, designers, developers and marketers that cumulatively shares years of experience, and TalkMetric™ is our new unified brand that has been freshly formed to bring us all together, under one common passion:

to create riveting and engaging multichannel marketing experiences that drastically increase your profits (without you lifting a finger).

What TalkMetric Does

TalkMetric™ helps small and medium businesses and enterprises to grow their companies by bringing their business online, and doing marketing with all the best contemporary tools and strategies:

a 360° digital marketing suite, video marketing, beautiful design and branding, and completely done-for-you content creation & promotion systems.

Our Secret Sauce

Digital Marketing, Content and Automated Client Nurturing that takes all the weight off of your shoulders, cultivates your best clients, and gives you Customers for Life.

Our Products and Structure

We do our best to constantly introduce new solutions and new bundles of products that best serve our client needs; packages that are designed to make their life easier with the way they are structured, presented, explained, and logically organized.

Our packages are tailored to best fulfill our client needs, and purposefully developed to be as comprehensive as possible.

We believe in digital omnipresence, a holistic marketing experience for your brand.

Our Clients and Our Approach

Our clients are small/medium business owners, entrepreneurial professionals and enterprises who need, simply put, an expert external marketing department.

We take care of all the marketing needs such as digital marketing and video marketing, content creation and promotion, and our special blends such as client nurturing systems, and business storytelling recipes.

Our all-inclusive done-for-you approach is completely hands off, and is fully managed month after month.

The Company Structure

We are a growing European company with a strong core leadership team and multiple cross-functional teams, both locally and remotely, distributed all over the world (primarily in Europe and North America); we keep this fluid structure to allow ourselves to expand quickly, and grow our capabilities to tackle projects of ever-increasing size and complexity.

This decentralized multiple-hub framework allows us to have more resources to invest in R&D, a much more flexible cost structure, true-real-time service (24/7) and competitive costs for our clients;

we spend less in fixed and logistical expenses, while at the same time providing top notch quality and consistency of experience.

With distributed teams in Europe, North America & Australia we service clients locally and internationally.

Agile & Scrum

We have adopted Agile and Scrum methodologies at our core: working in two-weeks sprints allow us to test quickly and iterate solutions and solve any kind of marketing problem for our clients: we test our assumptions quickly with real market data, then with the feedback at hand we’re capable of adapting your strategies in days, not months.

It’s worth noting that due to our team’s proprietary processes and personalized assistance, we are only able to work with a handful of selected clients at a time.

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Our Teams

Content, Acquisition, Monetization

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Truly Global, Real 24/7 Customer Support For All Of Our Active Clients & Members

Thanks to our global positioning we are able to always provide instantaneous communications and fast project turnaround, coupled with a truly global, real 24/7 customer support for all of our active clients and members.

You will have the advantage of contacting us at any time, using your channel of choice.

We currently offer:

  • Direct Phone Line
  • Skype
  • Online Support via Email
  • Live Web Chat 


  • WhatsApp® Direct and Facebook® Direct Priority Chat
  • Dedicated Virtual Concierge

We’re there to help you, and we believe in constant contact for the entire duration of our relationship.

(In fact, for most of our projects we respond within 12 hours, and after the initial vetting process we’re able to move to our StrategyMetrics phase within 1 to 2 business days).

Proprietary Processes

Designed around expansion capability and quick scalability of talent, all of our employees and collaborators are trained following our proprietary processes;

It’s a very homogeneous system that allows high quality of output and the highest level of consistency between projects and teams.

You’ll recognize the quality and care of a TalkMetric™ project (but nobody will ever know we’ve been there, if you decide to keep it confidential).

Integrity And Trust Based

We bring each interaction to the end knowing that we operate with total integrity and radical honesty, and we have the full trust from our customers, both in our technologies and our security measures.

"We operate over the internet, and we do not tolerate a careless approach."

Deep Analysis, Data-Driven Strategy And Radical Honesty

We take a look and analyze the actual state of your business and marketing channels, and suggest you a plan of integrating what’s missing, or we build it entirely from scratch: to truly take your online success to the next level.

Then we implement fully managed systems that run without your attention, so that you can spend your time in your highest-leverage activities, doing what you do best.

We are extremely data-driven, so we will never suggest you a reckless or untested approach.

Our Flexible Marketing Team

Our highly Skilled Team Members will craft a profitable strategy and a sensory-rich multichannel digital marketing experience for your brand, integrating the latest technologies and grabbing the attention of your customers right where they spend most of their time: in the digital world.

What We Stand For

A Transformational Experience For Your Business

We are a quality marketing boutique that allows you, the business owner, entrepreneur and professional, to upgrade your marketing and thrive in the new digital business landscape.

1. We stand for being modern, up to date, and a protagonist of the digital transformation.

2. We stand for more time for the things that matter, giving you freedom and peace of mind.

3. We stand for premium quality, luxury service, and impeccable professionalism.

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Our 3 Company Principles

1 • Add Value First
2 • Always Make Things Better (Kaizen)
3 • And Build Something Amazing (We Are Happy Only When We Build Meaningful Things)

• One Of Our Most Important Missions is to automate and free up as much time and management as possible from our clients, allowing them to dedicate their best energy towards their most important tasks, utilizing their skills at their best.

In a sense, we are your coaches: we love seeing everyone performing at their best, with full focus and in a state of flow.


• We Believe In Remarkable, Luxury Customer Service

Just because we’ve been there so many times. We hate poor service and inexperienced reps that don’t understand the customer, or don’t use the right language, behavior, and manners.