The Benefits Of Digital Marketing

``If your business is not on the internet, then you are out of business``

A New Type of Consumer Behavior

The Shift Towards Digital is Real

Newspaper readership is  deteriorating. Yellow pages usage is plummeting. Customers are giving less and less attention to tv and radio, and spending more time online and on mobile: your marketing efforts should be digital too.

Digital Marketing is becoming critical in an era where the old ways of connecting with potential clients are slowly disappearing.


• Directly Connect With Your Consumers:

The days of phone directories and paper advertisement are gone. Now, around 80% of consumers use the Internet to conveniently search for information about businesses and services.

Professionals and business owners can now reach those customers, who spend as much as 23% of their online time looking for information, in a highly targeted way.

After all, according to NewsCred, 72 percent of marketers think that online branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine, and 69 percent say it is superior to direct mail and PR.

As you can see, maintaining a dominant online presence is crucial both for the convenience of your customers, and for the success of your business.

Your Competition is Already There

Ensure Your Business Longevity and Competitiveness with a Smart Digital Strategy

What excuse do you make when asked for your online presence, and you haven’t got one?

Can you afford to appear “behind the times” to your clients, customers, vendors and associates? Think about it.

Competition is unavoidable.

No matter how altruistic your intentions, you are competing.


• If You Aren’t Marketing Online, You are Playing at a Disadvantage:

Digital Marketing mirrors how the businesses world works now, and will continue to work in the future: simply put, if your business is not already in the digital marketing game, then you’re behind.

Don’t get left behind by your competitors: brands and businesses all over the world are ramping up their digital marketing budgets and campaign spending (in fact, this year digital budgets will account for more than 75% of their total marketing budget – Source:; .

Don’t forget that digital marketing can also help you compete with larger corporations, both online and offline.

The World Has Gone Mobile

Easily Reach the Mobile Consumer, and connect your business to the 91% of adults who have their mobile devices close to them and within reach at all times.

There are over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, and more than 50 percent of Google search queries worldwide are done using mobile phones;

According to eMarketer, mobile technology is also influencing the buying behavior of these consumers: a recent study revealed that 70% of mobile searches lead to action on a website, usually within 1 hour from the time of searching. (Source: iAcquire)

Picture yourself being able to instantly connect with this vast pool of Mobile Consumers… Digital marketing will help you tap this massive market, now that mobile marketing generates up to 34% of all organic traffic.

Having a dominant online presence that is optimized for smartphone and tablets will confidently influence buying behavior:

bear in mind that 82 percent of mobile searchers use their phones to check on prospective in-store purchases,

and one third of them have purchased from a different brand than the one they had in mind, because the business wasn’t online at the time! (Or had a poor mobile user experience.)

Get State-Of-The-Art Technologies & Online Marketing Best Practices

The digital world never stops evolving: that's why we constantly engage in training and continuous learning, updating our knowledge to the latest, best practices.

Partnering with us, you will always be up to date with the most recent and effective online marketing technologies, certified by giants such as Facebook, Google, YouTube and HubSpot.


• Tools For Longevity:

Your online business longevity today depends on attention, authority, trust and engagement: in the digital world, that means having a complete multichannel marketing experience.

From Web Design precisely tailored to convert, to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing (and everything in between), the digital marketing resources we have for you today are limitless.

Companies that are not upgrading and using these tools and services, are consistently losing the attention of their audiences, and letting someone else (namely the competition) take their place.

With a full digital marketing strategy for your brand you won’t take any risks, customers will rapidly view your company in a different light, and your associates and competitors will take you much more seriously.

Guarantee The Most Responsible Use Of Your Budget

Digital Marketing is more affordable to deploy than traditional marketing and advertising strategies. In fact, not all digital marketing tactics require a significant budget...

You will be delightfully surprised at how cost-effective digital marketing can be compared to traditional marketing channels; a properly planned and effectively targeted campaign can reach the right customers in the right places, at a much lower cost than you would expect.

Gartner’s “Digital Marketing Spend Report” described how small business owners who are adopting Digital Marketing are already experiencing these benefits, with as much as 40% of them already reporting considerable savings, compared to their old way or promoting their businesses.

Digital Marketing solutions allow you to spend your advertising budget intelligently, and do it where it really matters: precisely where your customer’s attention is.

Ensure a more responsible use of your budget, and dramatically improve your business’ visibility in one fell swoop!

Grow Your Sales and Get Higher Revenues

Online strategies can generate as much as a 2.8X revenue increase for your businesses.

You see, online consumers today need a minimum of 6 touch points before they are convinced to buy, but when they do, they spend as much as 4 times more than any other type of customer!

One of the many benefits of Digital Marketing and client nurturing, is that they help you doing exactly this… Multiplying the touch points over time, and predictably getting to the sale.

Obtain Higher Return on Investment from Your Campaigns

Employing a Digital Strategy can improve ROI up to 300%

• Better, Trackable and Fully Measurable Return on Investment:

With a digital strategy you can pinpoint the exact profits generated from a specific campaign or effort.

Compared to other channels, Digital Marketing gives you the best return on investment: it costs you less than any other kind of marketing, and by optimizing it’s strategies over time it allows you to gradually increase your ROI.

In brief, increasing your digital outreach is the most predictable way of increasing your revenue.

Additionally, digital marketing provides you with data and analytics: predicting and realizing ROI is much easier to do with real data at your fingertips.

Get Higher Conversion Rates without Lifting a Finger

Reach out to targeted audiences, generate new leads and achieve up to a 24% increase in conversion rates.

• Attract Genuine Prospects And Convert Them Into Leads And Customers:

Digital Marketing is seamless and immediate: on your website your customers are always a few clicks away from completing a purchase or an action:

your digital strategy will help you turn visitors into buyers, and buyers into raving fans, increasing your customer base and giving more profits to your business.

A Global Reach

Tap Into New Markets And Trade Globally For Only A Small Investment

A professional and trustworthy platform will give you the power to promote your brand beyond boundaries.

You can gain far greater exposure: with one single marketing campaign your business will be seen anywhere in the world, and by the right people. The cost of doing this using traditional methods would be prohibitive.


• Enjoy Low Barrier of Entry for Small Businesses:

Unlike traditional methods like television and outdoor advertising (which demand significant budgets) Digital Marketing can be executed by companies of any size.

By leveling the playing field, it can elevate your business, and secure the same trust and credibility of a big name company.


• Level the playing field:

With a consistent digital marketing strategy any business can compete online, regardless of their size.

Regularly, a smaller company would struggle to match the features of its larger competitors.

But when building an online experience, a crisp, well thought out website with a smooth and rich customer journey (and fantastic service) can be superbly competitive – no matter your size.


• Get Results Fast:

Online marketing goes from planning to execution very quickly. A quality digital campaign can be created and deployed in a fraction of the time, compared to the old ways of marketing in print, tv or radio…


We Will Design Evergreen Assets that are Built to Last

Online marketing campaigns and digital assets are multi-channel and modular, can be easily paired with your established marketing tactics, and are instantly measurable and adaptable to any audience and circumstance.

Digital marketing campaigns also have longer shelf lives: you can easily build evergreen campaigns, and deploy them at any time during the year, effectively compounding their results.


• Flexibility: Get Instant Data, Analyze and Easily Adapt Your Strategies

Digital Marketing provides real, timely data: you can observe and instantly respond to trends and actions that real customers are performing.

It’s easy to reevaluate or stop a digital marketing campaign after it’s deployment: it’s also very easy to test quick changes in its design, changes that can be executed almost immediately.

You don’t have to rely on educated guesses — we will plan, execute, and adapt on the go based on real performance data.


• Nonintrusive Digital Marketing That Reaches Your Customer At The Right Moment: Finally Say Goodbye To Interruption Marketing

It’s been proven that most customers hate receiving sales messages or phone calls at inconvenient times, especially when they have little or no interest in the product…

Online, you can communicate with the true interested prospects, where they are the ones looking for relevant information.

And with the aid of market segmentation and tailored marketing, you can make your messages riveting and extremely personalized to their taste…

Measurable Results

Simple, Real-Time Analytics That Are Reliable, Easy To Track And Compare

Even though we can’t directly measure what happens outside, Digital Marketing metrics are much more reliable than the traditional media ones.


• Analytics Are The Data We Use To Make Smarter Business Decisions:

Measuring your online marketing with analytics and other tools makes it easier to establish how effective your campaign is. We will obtain detailed information about how customers are using your website or responding to your advertising, then quickly adapt and make real time adjustments to your marketing strategy if things aren’t going as expected. You won’t have to wait for weeks or months to know how your campaign is performing.

Thanks to very granular attribution models, you can unequivocally see at any time what’s working, and easily track ROI. That’s the beauty of Digital Marketing, where every result is easily measurable.


• Track Customers From Their First Interaction, Throughout The Entire Buyer’s Journey: No Detail Will Slip Through The Cracks

Our tools can track your customer’s actions, decisions and preferences: you will have true insights into your audience’s authentic behavior.

From measuring traffic to your website to the assessment of specific sales and conversion goals, you will have insight into any type of data:

do you know how many people are opening, reading and buying from your emails?

How many visitors abandon your website before performing the action you want?

You will have exclusive access to the demographics of your visitors, their growth over time, peak transaction times, conversion rates and much more, all at your fingertips.

Reach a Broader, More Engaged and Targeted Audience

Your customers spend as much as 23% of their online time looking for information: do you know who they are and how to reach them efficiently?

With digital marketing you will always be speaking to a specific and really interested audience, within an environment where things can be examined and iterated quickly.

Multiple variations of a campaign can be tested, and their progress can be tracked to determine the best performing one.

With this level of personalization, you can rest assured that your message will always be relevant to your customers.


• Make Your Content Go Viral By Giving Your Customers and Fans a Chance to Share It:

We will publish engaging campaigns using different types of media: properly designed, these online campaigns can quickly gain social currency – being passed from user to user and becoming viral.

Traditional media rarely gets viral, while digital campaigns (for example featured on websites, email and social media) give your messages the ability to be shared in real time and get passed around instantly by your customers and interested prospects.

Capture Data And Perform Customer Development

Refine Your Strategy and Enjoy Tangible Improvements with Every Successive Iteration

All the information that you capture in your customer journey can be evaluated and fine-tuned to improve your success (instantly, and at the fraction of the cost of traditional marketing):

online marketing enables you to refine your strategy at any point in time and see those improvements applied in real time.


• Talk to Your Customers Directly and Openly:

Thanks to the power of social media and email marketing, you can develop a direct conversation with your audience, intensify customer loyalty and upgrade your long-lasting reputation for being easy to engage with.


• Real Time Customer Service: Create Increased Satisfaction For Your Audience And Get Customers For Life

Digital Marketing gives your business an immediate, almost real-time Customer Service line: eMarketer observed that this new channel has huge impact on the satisfaction of your customers, word of mouth generation, and the success of businesses all around the world.

Personalization & Progressive Profiling

Get the Most Information from Your Customers, Without Being Invasive

With your customer database properly linked to your website, email and your social media channels, you can deeply personalize any offer and marketing message: imagine being able to greet your best customers with targeted offers and specials…

And with the magic of progressive profiling, the more they buy from you the more you can constantly refine your customer profile (and market more effectively to them!)


• Enjoy the Visibility Your Brand Deserves:

A well maintained website and social presence with quality content (targeting the needs and adding value to your customers) will be an incredible lead generation tool.

The same can be said for utilizing personalized email marketing, retargeting and automated client nurturing.

You need to spread your brand far and wide: and when it comes to finding your customers, that almost always involves reaching out on the internet.

Passionate Storytelling

Digital Marketing Gives Your Business More Time and Space to Tell Its Story

Brand storytelling is the best way to captivate your audience: with the use of carefully crafted copy, images, and videos you will engage your target market and convey your brand’s message, in an effort to drive emotions and encourage a particular action. Online media is the perfect vehicle for this: digital marketing can help you grow, track and analyze your brand’s strength, and seamlessly improve upon it.


• Experience Amazing Engagement and Word of Mouth:

Imagine having instant feedback from your customers, starting meaningful conversations with them and maintaining a good relationship over time… All through your digital channels:

with digital marketing you can encourage your prospects, clients and followers to take action, visit your website, read about your products and services, rate them, buy them and publish feedback (which will be visible to all your interested prospects.)

After all, word of mouth is the best type of publicity…


• We Take Your Online Reputation Very Seriously:

Your reputation is everything, and on the web, this is twice as true.

A small unattended crisis can lead to negative reviews spreading like wildfire, creating negative buzz and ruining what you’ve worked hard for.

On the other hand, your business reputation can be greatly enhanced with positive feedbacks from satisfied customers, and precise management is required to keep track and rapidly assess them, especially on social media and review sites, where people posts and comments can have serious repercussions.

That’s why we fanatically curate your online reputation.