Your TalkMetric Experience

Exciting, Multidimensional, Memorable.

All-inclusive, multichannel marketing campaigns

An Integrated Experience

We will create a unique, immersive and captivating multi-channel marketing experience for you and your customers.

Pay-Per-Click, Email Marketing, SEO, Search Marketing, Social and Video:
our system is a heavy-duty mix of services designed for today’s business landscape, that cuts through the complexity of Digital Marketing, while giving you proven results.

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Life Made Easy

Time Saved

Our goal is to free up as much time as possible from your daily activities, by delegating all your online marketing tasks to us.

We offer a done-for-you completely managed approach, where we will take care of a single specialty or an entire department’s work for you and your company; every project is fully managed right from the beginning, so you have all the time and freedom to invest your attention where it truly matters, and be free to do what you do best.

As your external digital marketing boutique, we do all the work for you.

Monthly Memberships, Full-Service Agreements and A-la-Carte Services

• Done-for-you Packages and Full-Service Agency Work

We are able to provide a full-service “external marketing department” engagement, or a specific, a-la-carte set of products and services ready to be integrated with your already established business practices. Just ask.

And if you so choose, our all-inclusive done-for-you approach will take all the weight and the decision-making off of your shoulders; you will be provided with only the best solutions tailored to your business strategies and goals.

• We partner up and build the online part of your business with you.

We are not just doing marketing, in a sense we are building an entire business (with its own portfolio of channels, conversion systems and go-to-market strategy), alongside with you.

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Try our exceptional digital concierge service, and our multiple channels.

Attention to Detail and Exceptional After-Sale Service

We give you undivided and personalized attention for the whole duration of the project and after it’s launch, to ensure that everything runs smoothly before, during and after the deployment of your campaigns.

• Talk To Us Everywhere

We offer a uniquely personalized concierge-level customer service, at any moment you will be able to chat with your Personal Project Assistant, and ask any question or solve any doubt. (Phone, Email, Live Chat, now also on Facebook® Direct and WhatsApp® Direct).

We operate online, and we don't tolerate a careless approach.

Your Safety Comes First

We designed a complete system that takes care of your customers and gets the most important thing: their attention, without sacrificing your reputation.

We will always suggest the best tailor-made option for your specific case, assembled with our best-in-class services and products.

• Integrity and Radical Honesty

We abide to a “radical honesty” policy: you will always have the most realistic and unbiased opinion from us, regarding what works today and what doesn’t, and most importantly, what will work for you.

• Constant, Meaningful Communication

You’re in control: we adopt a “constant contact” approach to our relationship with our clients: you will always receive important news, project updates, analytics, and if you choose to, we will always ask you for your expert industry feedback before proceeding with every successive step.

• Security

Our Digital Marketing & Web Suite includes a periodical security check for malware, update of plugins and software, safe storage of your data, and advanced security features to ensure every project run smoothly.

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