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How to Put the Web to Work for You:
Stop Wasting Time and Money with an Outdated Digital Strategy
and Finally Get Customers for Life
With the Most Complete Digital Marketing System

Here’s What We Will Do For You:

With DIGITAL MARKETING + VIDEO MARKETING You Get The Best Growth Strategies For Your Business







Let Us Use The Power Of The Web To
Give You Customers For Life

• But first, let's talk about the number one fatal mistake that right now is sabotaging all your marketing efforts...

(and why your customers are never going to explicitly tell you about it, simply because they can’t see it…)

Dear friend and business owner,
if you’d like to have the ability to get a predictable flow of interested, high-caliber clients contacting YOU, and if you’d like to gain complete control over your outbound and inbound activities, regardless of the current technology trends or any other adverse market conditions,

(while putting an end to the endless grunt work of having to do ALL your marketing and online promotions…)

then I believe this will be one of the most interesting messages you’ll ever read:

here’s why…

• Your Customers Have Changed. Forever.

Do You Know The True Reason?

When was the last time you honestly reflected on the online marketing of your business?

Chances are, it all started when you detected a sharp shift.
Maybe it was a change in culture. Or in consumer technology. Or in the habits of your customers…

Perhaps it was a change in your sales numbers.

Whatever the case may be, have you ever asked yourself where did this shift came from?

If you ever felt vulnerable to the fact that the Digital Transformation and the New Economy are driving a forceful change, your concerns were spot on.

The main consequence of this phenomenon?

A tremendous transfer of power towards the consumer:

"today your customer is more demanding, informed and skeptical than ever…"

So much so that for modern companies, marketing is becoming even more important than sales itself.

(You see, today marketing is the keystone connecting the business to the customer: a role once covered by the salespeople, but due to the abundant information now available to the customer, it made that old relationship a thing of the past…)

You must also have glimpsed that the attention of your best customers is dangerously slipping away from traditional media, and moving to the online channels…

(The evidence is everywhere. Did you know that more than half of internet users now perform online research about the products and services they are considering purchasing?
But more on that later…)

Marketing your company online today is a necessity if you want to safely stay in business, and protect what you’ve worked hard for.

And I’m sure you already discovered the not-so-surprising statistics reporting that consumers today spend more hours on digital media such as Facebook, than on traditional media such as TV, radio and newspapers:

and that’s not the whole picture…

• How Will The Digital Marketing Transformation Affect You?

Do you know how your customers spend one-third of their time?

The world has changed:

We are looking at the year where online sales are going to surpass traditional channels, the year where 1,55 billion people spend more time on social media than any other platform:

according to Adweek.com, 28% of the time spent online is dedicated to Social Media, and 1,96 hours per day is the average.

After all, we both know that time and attention are the best measure of engagement, and engagement correlates with advertising effectiveness, which directly translates into more sales and revenue

Astute business owners all around the globe are exploiting this trend like never before.

Do you know how your competitors are investing their budgets this year?

• Budget Investments For Digital And Inbound Marketing Are Booming

In a recent, eye-opening report, eMarketer projected that in 2017 digital ad spend will surpass television advertising spend for the first time…

And that’s not everything: By 2020, the digital spend will surpass television by a stunning 36%.

For you as a business, this means the shift of your customer’s attention to digital is here, and it’s REAL:
companies and professionals know traditional marketing and advertising are no longer sufficient, if you want to break through the noise and get the attention and growth you deserve.

• Waiting For Your Competition To Be First Online Would Be A Great Mistake, Here's Why:

1. Your competitors are already planning, and will continue to pour more money into digital: online marketing and advertising, social advertising, paid search marketing, SEO, content marketing, and will choose a host of other online marketing channels as their preferred methods.

2. Advertising budgets worldwide are favoring digital over all else. (Yours should too…)

3. Figuring out your inbound strategy before your competitors beat you to it, is now a must.

If you’re like I am, before you make a big decision you make sure you have all the facts. Just logical, isn’t it?
When the stakes are high, there’s no such thing as “too much information.”
(But too often we get too little information.)

So here’s a few additional numbers to keep in mind…
(Stay with me on this one…)

1. As already mentioned, the average consumer now spends more time online than with TV and all other media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) combined.
(Source: Branding Bricks)

2. Total spending on Internet advertising is predicted to grow more than a tenth next year. This means that the Internet will become the largest medium for advertising (ahead of TV).
(Source: MediaPost)

3. Social Media ad spending has doubled over the past two years.
(Source: iMedia Connection)

4. By 2019 mobile advertising will represent 72% of all U.S. digital ad spending.
(Source: Payfirma)

These are all crystal clear signs of a big wave of change:
and it’s all happening now, as we speak.

• If You're Not Marketing Online, Your Business Is At Risk. Let's Put A Stop To That.

The next time you browse the web, think about this:

You worked hard to build up your business.

You have earned your success and your competition is now investing and reaping all the benefits, right in front of you.

"Are you equipped, by yourself, to protect your business from the digital transformation?"

You probably already feel your business is threatened by the sudden shift of attention and consumer habits;

the risks of missing the boat are disturbingly real, and being left behind now feels like a concrete possibility.

I’m glad you understood that being online and adopting a digital strategy is the sure-fire way to steadily maintain your competitive advantage, and I’m also glad that (unlike many other businesses) you’re an action taker and you’re willing to do something about it.

All the industry trends right now are pointing to the fact that

soon the great majority of your business will come from the internet.

After all, two-thirds of global Internet users already research products online, and almost half of online shoppers begin their online journey by using a search engine.
(Source: Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance)

…And among 2.3 million searches per-second,
we are sure a significant chunk of that traffic certainly belongs to you!

But how easy it is to effectively intercept and capture that traffic?

• Digital Marketing Has Gotten Really Complicated:

Can You Afford To Lose Leads And Let Customers Go?

Companies that are not taking action, are now playing at a disadvantage.

You’ve seen it with your own eyes:

as I said before, this phenomenon driven by the new economy has created a new type of customer, who is more informed and less trusting than ever…

Sales numbers are painfully fluctuating, and as the transformation advances, the marketing and sales of products and services online is conditioning new habits, and slowly CHANGING HOW YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT TO INTERACT WITH YOU:

there’s just too much to learn and do, just to keep up with the strategies and tools, and at the same time ignoring these alarming signals would be truly irresponsible.

Thankfully you’re here, and you’ve internalized that improving digital and adopting inbound is going to be part of your next winning strategy

• Your Competition Is Already Online, And Investing In Digital Marketing

Just performing a quick Google search for them will eliminate any doubt;

Have you’ve ever asked yourself…

“The online world is so competitive and noisy, will I ever stand out among all my competition that has already conquered better online real estate, developed better strategies and deployed overall better marketing?”

This is a rational concern.

"If you are paralyzed by doubts or don't know EXACTLY what to do to get results from your business on the web, you might be wasting precious time and money:
let's put an end to it."

• Why A Simple System Is Not Enough

One thing is certain: thousands of customers RIGHT NOW are talking about you, and looking for businesses like yours.
(Performing searches, reading reviews, looking for information on websites…)

And most of your past customers, present and future prospects are looking for you through search engines and social:

this mean they will get to know YOU and your brand through your web presence and your online channels.
There’s just no other way around it.

But the web is a new slippery space, a rapidly changing technological arena where inaction can quickly kill your business.

We get it:
there are too many decisions to make, and when complexity increases, procrastination and paralysis kick in:
it can be hard to even take the first step.

You might be asking, why is now the best moment to act?

• Digital is Inevitable

Digital Marketing is a $55Bn/year industry, and investments are growing year after year.

This digital “land-grab” is real.

Online Strategies and Inbound Digital Marketing Tactics are moving fast, and companies are competing to establish an effective baseline as quickly as possible;

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or enterprise, this is the moment to enter the game and defend your position.

In short, digital is inevitable, and is just a matter of time.

• Reach Your Customers Precisely Where They Are.

We are at a crossroads…

"The industry evolves rapidly. But navigating these changes is not simple, we have seen people make the wrong choices and get left behind while competitors race ahead.
By missing the trend to adopt digital and inbound strategies, your company could spend years playing catchup."

And while this happens, your customers are becoming savvier and more sophisticated than you think. Your best customers need, want and deserve special attention, maybe more often than you think to give it to them.
Ad they demand to be reached through their channels of preference.

While the requests on your time and attention are EXPLODING, there’s always more to do or learn, especially in the digital realm.
(And you certainly don’t want all this to DETRACT from your daily performance, and your overall peace of mind. After all, you shouldn’t be the one paying for this.)

• Traffic Can Be Expensive:
How Can You Be Sure You're Capturing All Of It?

Is digital-only a good thing?

No. The best, most powerful strategy for 2017 is the integration of ONLINE and OFFLINE, a strategy also called bricks-and-clicks.

"Retail profits are plummeting. Stores are closing. Malls are emptying. The depressing stories just keep coming. […] The Internet is apparently taking down yet another industry. Brick and mortar stores seem to be going the way of the yellow pages. Sure enough, the Census Bureau just released data showing that online retail sales surged 15.2 percent between the first quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016."

(Source: HBR.com)

As you can see, in any type of industry you might be working in, you absolutely, positively need to take care of your digital presence and online reputation;

but how big of an effort will be required to do all this?

Not as big as you might think, with the right systems in place…

• Why Do-It-Yourself Internet Marketing for Small Business Always Hurts Your Reputation…

When you stare at all the tasks necessary to sustain even a basic digital marketing ecosystem, you’ll see why a business owner or professional is in trouble if they tried to learn and implement all of the disciplines of small business internet marketing…

The fact is, there is just not enough time in the week for a single entrepreneur to learn even one of these subjects and implement them correctly (let alone ALL of them, and effectively doing the work of THREE people or more…)

…Especially when they need to be running the business itself.

That’s why small businesses and professionals need to work with outside internet marketing experts.

(By the way, did you know the minimum working size of a modern digital marketing & traffic team is THREE PEOPLE? And that’s not counting the always necessary creative team…)

As you can see a do-it-yourself approach can be very hard to sustain over time, while preserving the necessary attention and quality…

After all, your clients don’t care about how much effort you put in, unfortunately all they care about is the end result they see…

one missed communication, one rookie mistake or one “faux pas” can result in the total loss of trust and attention on their part.

At the end of the day, attention, authority, engagement and most of all TRUST are the currencies we’re after…

Here’s another interesting fact, according to CMO.com…

Companies that have attained digital transformation have three clear commonalities, but the most important one is:

They all have a designated digital team, or a group of individuals assigned to the task at hand.

• Simply Put, There Are Things You Can't Do Purely By Yourself.

That’s why outsourcing your strategies to an external b2b internet marketing expert department is your best bet when it comes to speed, sustaining a consistent level of quality, and having the convenience of a done-for-you product.

(On top of that, hiring an external department is very competitively priced, compared to hiring in-house talent, with none of the hassle that comes from managing an entire team…)

"As you can see Digital Marketing can preserve your competitive advantage, but it can also get really complicated…
that's why we do it for you.

We take care of all your inbound and outbound digital marketing needs:
you sit back, and relax."

You might be wondering, what can I expect from engaging with an external marketing department?

A Complete System That Puts Your Entire Marketing On Autopilot

It's very easy: we create all the content, ads on the internet and web marketing campaigns for you, you review them, and we launch!

Would you like to have a predictable flow of interested, high-caliber clients contacting YOU, and working hard to get your attention?

Dream customers who already know what your business is all about?

If you answered yes, here’s what you need to know:

The opportunity is currently booming like never before.

There are today far more people looking for you, than there are you looking for them, especially with search engines, where clients perform hundreds of thousands searches per-second for businesses exactly like yours.

• Why Your Web Strategy Is Leaking Customers Right Now…

And if you’re asking, why hasn’t your digital marketing worked for you before?

The biggest obstacle you face is an incomplete, one-time opportunistic strategy, developed around the wrong channel and targeting the wrong audience.

In fact, the SINGLE biggest mistake you could make in terms of digital marketing and traffic generation is depending on ONE single traffic channel:

You cannot rely on a single source of clients and traffic:

as you may well know, the most dangerous word in business is “ONE”;

you certainly don’t want to depend on ONE single client, ONE single vendor, ONE source of leads, and certainly not only ONE traffic channel.

• A Step-by-Step Personalized Digital Marketing Diagnosis

What you need right now, is a team that will implement a proven digital marketing system, transforming you and your company into an authority in your field:

You worked hard to build up your business;

you’ve earned your success, and there’s never been a better time to upgrade your digital presence, and profitably marketing your business online the RIGHT way:

a modern Digital Marketing strategy is the perfect investment in your business longevity.

Stop Worrying About Your Digital Marketing:
Let Us Do It For You.

Here’s how it will look like:

• A 100% Measurable Strategy For Reaching All Your Digital Marketing Goals

So, to quickly recap:

1. The attention of customers is dangerously slipping away from the traditional channels, and moving online

But businesses and busy professionals don’t have time or resources to design and manage a complex multi-channel digital marketing experience for their brand, made up of Search, Social, Email and PPC Advertising;
let alone to create all the necessary, increasingly complex, daily and weekly content required to grab and keep the customer’s attention

2. To solve this, we implement and automate turnkey digital marketing strategies, and create all the necessary content, video and marketing automation for you and your business.

3. Our done-for-you process is completely managed so you don’t have to.

4. And we only use marketing best practices and state-of-the-art inbound strategies certified by industry leaders such as Google, Facebook and HubSpot, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.

"At TalkMetric we help business owners and enterprises implementing turnkey digital marketing systems, marketing automation, and create all the video and online content for them…
(Even if they have no previous experience, team members or extra time to manage it.)"

Our unlimited digital marketing & content creation system is a done-for-you, completely integrated solution that guarantees you will:

• transform into the number one authority in your industry

• spread the word about your brand

• attract lifelong customers

• and ensure the growth and sustainability of your business in the constantly evolving digital marketplace.

"If you are a business owner or an entrepreneurial professional,
let us quickly transform you into an authority and online celebrity, while drastically increasing your profits."

• All-Inclusive, Done For You Digital Marketing That Gives You Clients For Life.

The Highest-Quality Multichannel Marketing Experiences & Content Systems For Busy Business Owners, Professionals And Enterprises.

(Entirely Done For You).

"90% of your customers expect consistent interactions across all channels."

(Source: DMNews)

Our passion for the highest quality marketing sequences, impeccable imagery, professional copywriting and audiovisuals is reflected in the way we approach the creation of our beautiful and complete multichannel internet marketing campaigns, strategically designed to reach your customers precisely where they spends most of their time and attention….

Or solution is a Digital Marketing and traffic suite that:
• it’s immediate (you’ll get launched online FAST…)
• it doesn’t require ANY management on your part
• it makes you look terribly good (and gives you and your customers a VIP experience)

• Let Us Put Your Marketing On Autopilot And Run Your System Continually, So You Will Steadily Attract A Constant Flow Of Customers.

(Without You Lifting A Finger)

What would you do knowing all the online parts of your business are reliably taken care of?

Imagine how your life would be different if you only talked to prospects and leads that were already looking for YOU, and were really interested in doing business with you!

And picture how free would you feel if you never had to
• send a single newsletter or promotional email to your list
• never publish another social media update
• never having to worry about the technicalities of ranking your website first in the search results…
• …and never having to write compelling copy and novel marketing messages and promotions, week after week, month after month!

Do you think you’d feel more successful and confident if you didn’t need to constantly worry about this area of your marketing?

“I don’t know how you feel about this type of done-for-you autopilot marketing in this times and economy, but to us, it’s resulted in a life of deep fulfillment and business security.”

Imagine sitting at your desk,

(or why not, being outside and playing with your smartphone…)

and punctually receiving all the necessary updates, curated and specifically prepared for you, tailored around your most important business goals…

Knowing your company’s weekly content needs are taken care of, your social media accounts are curated and sending you new customers, your phone is ringing and people want to know about you and become your clients, while your pay per click ads and videos are constantly bringing you streams of new visitors, and no customer detail is escaping your marketing funnel, everything accurately captured in your CRM software…

Picture yourself reading your reports, and feeling relaxed and in control, knowing that all your most important performance indicators are growing and your customers are nurtured by a professional team.

…to me, that’s a pretty good definition of a perfect system.

Book your “FastStart" phone consultation, free of charge.

Your Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Monthly Memberships, Full-Service Agreements and A-la-Carte Services

"Creating unlimited digital marketing experiences, video and content, entirely done for you, published and promoted directly to your customers and prospects, that look, feel and sound as if they were produced by you - without you having to lift a finger."

You see, when we started building our portfolio of services, we noticed the majority of business owners and entrepreneurs were not taking the right type of action:

a handful of them was only taking the first steps in small business online marketing (establishing a dangerous, initial “do-it-yourself” amateurish web and social presence) but struggling with the next phases of marketing and traffic generation (or totally ignoring them, hence getting stuck):

and certainly no one was implementing an organized, methodical marketing effort that yields guaranteed results over time:

in short, they were winging it!

And they were not taking advantage of the biggest contemporary secret in marketing…

• The Best-Kept Secret In Marketing (Both Online and Offline)

This experience motivated us to become students and researchers of entrepreneurs, professionals and small/medium businesses, and after spending over 18 months passionately interviewing companies and professionals like you (to deeply understand their needs and problems) we finally discovered what pieces they were missing.

From our research, we developed a state-of-the-art Digital Marketing, Content and Traffic System for businesses like yours, that have the desire for the highest quality marketing strategy, content, and that also want to automate it to free up time and resources, once and for all.

Here are some of the benefits our services will give you:

1. We will STOP your business from losing customers to your competition: no prospect or client will slip through your funnel anymore

2. We will PROTECT and GROW your biggest business assets, including your precious client list, and your brand and online reputation

3. DAMAGE CONTROL: We will give you back and reactivate the customers that have been neglected, or haven’t interacted with you in a while

4. We will ESTABLISH a fresh, positive and ongoing relationship with your customer base, while constantly generating NEW leads and clients from the web (thanks to a true multichannel marketing experience):

"As you can see this is a system that really puts the web to work for you."

Our best-kept secret lies in a carefully measured mix of database marketing, traffic generation strategies, content marketing, client nurturing systems, search and social media marketing services, and finely crafted business email marketing sequences, built with professional copywriting:

a complete and integrated suite of services designed to reactivate (and cultivate) your old clients, nurture and convert your new ones, with one overarching goal:
to give you recurring customers for life.

We won’t offer you tricks and growth “hacks“, but solid and trustworthy methods of growing your business and your influence over time.

“Every month that you don't contact your customers,
their value decreases by 10%."

Think about it… Fresh traffic and a web presence are important, but they’re not the only thing:

Multiple studies have shown that every month that you don’t contact your customers, their value decreases by 10%.

Scary, isn’t it?

This is why after the initial setup, we will take advantage of the best-kept secret in marketing:

constant contact, multiple touches, storytelling and client nurturing sequences that delight and convert (invaluable for e-commerce websites and product-based businesses, but also unparalleled for authority positioning, service businesses and busy professionals who need to stay top of mind with their best customers).

After all, in the new economy consumers need a minimum of 6 or 7 touch points before they are convinced to buy, but when they do, they would spend as much as 4 times as any other type of customer – and that’s really good news for you.

"We know that by following an organized schedule and maximizing the value of each contact, the time, effort and total cost of each sale will decrease dramatically."

What you need right now is to take the final step to become a true authority in your field:

"Our 360° holistic approach to digital marketing, transforms forward thinking enterprises, professionals and businesses like yours into the go-to experts and celebrities of their industry."

Our solution is a “secret weapon” which makes it possible for businesses to create the best traffic strategy and digital marketing system…

There is, in fact, one thing that has to be present: one thing above all else to get you the attention, the traffic, and the profits that you want, quicker than the average competitor.

What is the one thing, this “trump card secret” that allowed the online success of the best businesses, by the best internet marketing companies?

• A Structured, Constant Marketing Message That Is Implemented And Systematically Repeated, Broadcasted Over Time, Over A Wide Selection Of Channels.

You want to make sure you do EVERYTHING YOU CAN to perform “multiple, sequential touches” and we have a system that does exactly that for you, on autopilot!

If you don’t, it is difficult to break through and get the necessary attention and trust to generate online conversions and sales as quickly as possible (or as fast as you would like).

That’s why we designed a complete, proven and predictable system that takes care of your customers and gets the most important thing, their attention, engagement and trust, all in one swift solution:
and best of all, we do it all for you!

Your Experience

We Will Build The Online Part Of Your Business.

• FastStart™ & Strategy Metrics

Our big picture process starts with the definition and individually crafted analysis of your needs: we will start with a series of in-depth strategy meetings (performed over Skype if you prefer, so you won’t have to move from your office);

• Growth-Driven Design

And if you still don’t have one, we will move on to the creation of a contemporary, professional and conversion-optimized website and web presence, where every detail will be constructed to capture leads online and increase your exposure and profits.

“As website marketing experts, we are familiar with every nuance of the digital and web landscape…"

• Digital Marketing, Pay Per Click & Automated Client Nurturing

We will then craft a persuasive digital marketing strategy, entirely built around your audience, designed to bring you superior quality traffic, sales, and use multiple channels to nurture your clients day after day (even the ones that at the moment are not yet ready to do business with you, but will be in the near future…

as you may know 97% of the visitors that request information on your website are not ready to buy RIGHT NOW, and need to be nurtured.)

• Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing Services

Thanks to our Search Marketing specialists we will make sure your website will be positioned within the first results in every Google search:

we will then take care of the management of your social media channels, crafting content and online email marketing sequences, giving you a curated, professional and up-to-date image, and allowing you to share value and knowledge through content (built for you by our excellent creative & writing team, if you so choose), while at the same time showing your unique brand personality to your audience.

• Your Complete Marketing Ecosystem

Your digital marketing hub will contain all the most effective tools available to create a memorable customer experience, that will captivate your clients and give them a VIP experience (while making them fall in love with your brand.)

(And it will also include all the necessary analytic systems to track every interaction, that will give you insight and confidence.)

Our high standards for digital marketing, business storytelling and visual communication will ensure you’ll always have the best quality result, in line with the best online advertising companies:

"We will build for you a proven system, that will essentially take clients from the web and send them directly to your phone, inbox and CRM software."

The System

Our Complete Solution

One or many?

We believe your digital marketing plan should be holistic, attacking the most profitable online marketing channels available for you.

To do this, we will design a bespoke multichannel online strategy, integrating all of the most effective digital marketing tactics.

We are primarily an online marketing strategy agency:
that means that no assumption will be randomly made: we will run experiments, and after having measured the results, we will suggest you the best, most logical course of action, designed to avoid waste and make a rational use your budgets, ensuring you’re only investing in the highest-ROI activities.

This is a suite of services that ensures all your business metrics are constantly and steadily growing over time.

"Your most complete system for profitably creating multichannel digital marketing campaigns, high-quality video and content for your company, guaranteed."

• TalkMetric™ is for you if:

1 • You want to bring your business online for the first time and you need a complete, modern digital presence, a proven strategy and superior promotions…

2 • You want to modernize your web and digital presence, adopting the latest online best-practices and profitable marketing techniques…

3 • You want to promote your already established company and maximize your revenue through online and digital marketing channels, building an irresistible multichannel experience for your brand…

You might be asking… how is our approach different?

• Let Me Explain To You Why We Are Different…

We Are A Boutique Online Marketing Firm, And We Offer Ultra-Personalized Service And Attention.

We don’t provide cookie-cutter b2b internet marketing checklists and interchangeable team members, but a personalized experience, tailor-made solutions built by specialists around your existing needs and goals, and assistance and support for as long as you need it.

To be able to do this, our teams only serve a few clients at a time:
this allows us to give them our fullest, one-on-one attention.

Through a selection of different channels (Email, Phone, Live Chat, Facebook® Direct, WhatsApp® Direct), you will be able to contact us at any time and ask any question, solve any doubt or get any progress report you need to get peace of mind;

and if you have any suggestion or last-minute change, you will be able to send it to us in no time.

So if you are looking for a great small internet marketing services company that works individually with each customer and GUARANTEES high-quality and tangible results, then we are the right online marketing firm for you.

What else will we do for you?

• Here's What Else We'll Do For You:

1. We will always talk with you in plain English. No buzzwords. No marketing-speak.


2. We will objectively analyze your needs FROM SCRATCH, and we will tell you what kind of traffic and marketing systems and strategies are the best for you, and what will they do and won’t do for you.


3. If you already have one or more digital marketing channels in place, we will:

• Evaluate them, help you understand them and refine their strategies – quickly

• Make them work better if possible, while eliminating waste and extra costs, and create fresh content to increase their effectiveness

• If necessary we will teach you and your staff how to implement and track best-practices, monitor and improve all the weekly and monthly processes

• And if your current approach is wrong for you and your business, we will immediately suggest you a better, higher-quality strategy that will give you better results in less time, while avoiding costly mistakes

• If necessary, we will modify and add to it, with the best Return on Investment possible


4. If you have problems developing a digital marketing strategy, we’ll guide you in doing so… picking the best channels, the right content for your audience and the best tools for your particular needs and goals.

And if you haven’t purchased any marketing software, we will guide you in doing so, picking the right applications and marketing automation solutions for your needs, implementing them for you, and producing all the required content.

Why wasting precious time, while suffering with unproductive strategies and the anger and frustration of making costly mistakes?

"Let us put your digital marketing on autopilot,
so you will be finally able to easily run your business, and effortlessly enjoy your life."

Let's arrange a phone call or enter your email for your no-obligation, FastStart™ Strategy Session, free of charge.

Features & Benefits

In How Many Other Ways Can We Help Our Clients?

• As A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency, There Are Four Main Ways We Help Our Clients…
This Is What You Can Expect:

1. We provide you more sales and leads, capturing back the attention of your customers who now spend most of their time online.


2. We help you with the digital upgrade and automation of your business, successfully bringing it online and implementing easy to use digital tools that save you time and make every process a breeze.


3. If necessary, we give your brand a contemporary makeover, actualizing it, making it engaging, responsive and adaptable, and ready to tackle any modern challenge.


4. And finally, we create all the Content and Video for you, so your channels are ALWAYS populated by fresh and relevant media.

Our internet marketing specialists will take away all the doubts you might have about small business online marketing efficacy, so you can finally enjoy peace of mind, while our flawless system works for you.

1. Entirely Done-For-You, High Quality Digital Marketing Systems

Let our expert marketing team take care of your online needs, and make sure you're not missing out on any digital opportunity.

• Be Top Of Mind:

A system that puts you in constant contact with your customers.

We strategically position you as a leader in your field, both locally and globally, to boost your sales and take your business to the level it deserves…

2. Get Customers For Life

Get new customers from the web and nurture your previous ones, while continuously growing your online presence.

• Profitable Digital Marketing Campaigns For Your Business, Created And Fully Automated For You

Digital Marketing, Content, Video and Nurturing Campaigns designed to really move the needle:

we handcraft and automate all your marketing outreach, inbound and outbound promotional efforts for you, you review all the work, and when you are ready, we publish on all your channels.


• Retain Your Customers And Grow Their Loyalty With Database Marketing & Client Nurturing Systems

Protect your #1 asset: your customer list, and transform your customers into the best possible and most valuable asset, with our multi-step campaigns.

Let us set up for you a series of regular interactions with your customer base:
statistics show that you will spend on average 10 times less to keep an existing customer than you would to secure new business.

3. Get Launched Online In 30 Days

Become the online authority in less than a month.

We launch your platform in 30 days so you’ll become the go-to person in your industry, we will refine and publish all your content, start reactivating your old clients, and getting new, warm leads from the web.


• Get The Authority, Celebrity And Credibility That You Deserve

Having the right online presence will skyrocket your business positioning:

an exclusive all-in-one system that gives you celebrity status and amplifies your credibility, while sending new customers directly to you.

Let us transform you and your business into the number one authority of your niche and industry, with our contemporary Marketing Strategies, Video and Content that involve, engage and make your customers feel like VIPs.

4. Raise Your Standards: An Express Upgrade To Your Online Image

A complete System that:
• instantly elevates your status
• it's immediate
• doesn't require ANY management on your part
• and makes you look your best at all times

• Be Among The First To Profit From The Digital Transformation
You’ve built your business up to this point, now don’t let your competitors outclass you in the digital transformation.


• Avoid Costly Mistakes
A system that gives you a clear advantage and saves you precious time while marketing your business on the web.
Stop wasting opportunities and let us rapidly upgrade your business with a modern digital presence and brand, without you lifting a finger.

5. Your Shortcut To Finally Getting Digital Peace Of Mind

We will work together to safeguard what you've worked hard for, in these times of digital transition.

• An Investment In Your Business Longevity
The responsible thing for your business in times of change is to preserve the fruit of your labor:
know with confidence that your online marketing space is protected and carefully curated, and it’s one less thing to worry about.


• Digital Longevity: Be Ahead Of The Game
A multichannel marketing system that keeps you ahead of the game during the digital transformation, and allows you to protect your business in the coming years.


• No More Guesswork
Be confident that you’re capturing every opportunity: you won’t lose any more sleep over the technical aspects of marketing. We will build the “online” part in your business, giving it the digital makeover it deserves, or building it from the ground up together.

6. Technology, Speed, Security & Privacy

Get a modern, fast and secure online presence for your business

• Cutting-Edge Technology, Beautiful Design And Contemporary Online Marketing Best-Practices, Backed By Giants Such As Google, Facebook, Youtube And Hubspot.

TalkMetric™ lies at the intersection of technology, profitable direct marketing techniques and simplicity: let us build a rich digital experience for you and your clients.


• You Can Feel 100% Safe
Nearly half of small businesses report being hacked at least once, with the resultant costs averaging $8,700:
Tens of thousands of websites are hacked every day, and many of their owners don’t know about it, while their web pages are used to spread malicious code and illegally capture customer data.
We will choose among the most secure Content Management Systems available. But no CMS is 100% invulnerable, and hackers are constantly evolving.

Since we know that most web projects start with a professional website, all of our marketing systems include a meticulous periodic check of your web pages for malicious code and database security:
we will also perform weekly security updates and scheduled backups of all your web content, so you’ll be able to rest easy, and manage your business with total confidence.

We operate online, and we don’t tolerate a careless approach.


• The Focus Is On Your Privacy
Our presence in your brand is going to be invisible, if you so choose.
Many businesses demand complete privacy when it comes to their marketing and promotional efforts, and we understand that: we take your privacy really seriously.

We will create digital marketing campaigns, video and content entirely for you, we will then publish and promote them directly to your customers and prospects, so they will look, feel and sound as if they were produced by you – without you having to lift a finger.

That’s why with us you can expect a transparent approach based on trust, while keeping a low profile: you’ll immediately recognize the difference in quality and care of a TalkMetric™ project (but nobody will ever know we’ve been there, if you decide to keep it confidential).

7. European And North-American Teams

With highly skilled European and North American team members, we service clients locally and internationally

We are a young European company with a tight core leadership team and growing cross-functional teams, both local and remote, distributed all over the world (mainly in Europe and North America).

We keep this fluid structure to allow ourselves to rapidly adapt, and quickly expand our capabilities to tackle projects of any size and complexity.
We are expert marketers, technicians, developers and designers, but most of all, entrepreneurs and business owners like you.


• Impeccable, High-Quality Multichannel Marketing Campaigns (Online And Offline)
Book a free FastStart™ Consultation today, and sample our total commitment to the highest-quality digital marketing services: our passion lies in rich marketing sequences, design, professional copy and audiovisuals that make your business STAND OUT.

8. Your Complete Online Marketing Experience Curated By Brand & Storytelling Experts

Digital marketing and storytelling for businesses, enterprises and brands.

• We Help You Tell Your Unique Story In A Captivating And Immersive Way, And We Make It Exceptionally Easy For Your Customers To Find You Online And Get In Contact With You.
Experience our beautiful, handcrafted digital and multichannel marketing experiences,
designed to grab your client’s attention and making your brand unforgettable, while increasing conversions and generating more sales.

Let’s make your marketing a story-worthy experience.


• A Holistic Approach
Your digital marketing plan should be holistic, attacking all the most profitable online marketing channels available to you.
We will take advantage of a complete suite of services that ensures that all your business metrics are constantly and steadily growing over time.

We will construct a tailor-made multichannel online marketing plan, integrating all of our best, latest strategies, then we will run experiments and after having measured the results, we will suggest the best course of action, avoiding waste and properly allocating your budgets, only investing in the best-performing channels.


• A Stunning End-Result: A Complete Marketing System That Runs Without Your Attention
You will be fully ready to do business online, and get new customers from the web:
you will have all the necessary outposts: a modern, secure and trustworthy website, branded social media accounts rich of content,
a youtube channel for your video, secure systems for capturing client information, and proven communication sequences to contact them over time.

We will take your business where your customers are spending the majority of their time.
And this is only the beginning: by employing email marketing, pay per click advertisement, search engine optimization and social media marketing, you will have the most powerful mix of tools at your fingertips.


• Experience Omnipresence: The Best Way To Be In Front Of All Your Customers, Automatically
After the initial setup phase, we will create all the content, ready to be published online:
We will provide you with all the professional copy, graphics and video to populate your channels, so you don’t have to write a single word.

You can choose among articles, monthly newsletters, blog posts, graphics, podcasts, and even weekly videos.

The easiest way to reach the strategy of omnipresence is
to be where your clients are, reach out and share your message with them.
You will be perceived as an expert and a trusted authority in your niche: your customers will want to read your blog and articles, watch your videos, engage with you, and at the end, do business with you.

We take care of everything for you, so you’ll only have to deal with the end result: talking to your clients on the phone and in person.

9. All Your Digital Marketing On Autopilot

You don't have to learn anything new.

After your Personalized Consultation, we will assemble a custom plan that is built around you and your business:
we will never propose a cookie-cutter solution, but a bespoke strategy in line with your unique needs.


• We Do All The Work For You.
Let us put all your online marketing on autopilot, so you can spend your new-found free time on what you do best.


• You Don’t Need To Learn Or Read Anything New.
We will track and nurture your digital presence, making sure all your metrics are growing and pointing in the right direction.


• You Don’t Have To Be An Expert.
In fact, we do all the work for you, and we provide easy to read, jargon-free superior analytic reports on all your most important performance indicators.
No prior experience is necessary.

Not only we will send you actionable and specific statistics on all your channels, we will also break them down and review them with you, to show you the best course of action, current strengths and weaknesses, and to inform all your future strategies.


• Try Our Exceptional Real-Time Customer Service
Marketing your company online can be complicated, that’s why we believe you shouldn’t have to do it alone.
You will have the advantage of contacting us at your convenience, using your channel of choice.

We currently offer:
• Direct Phone Line
• Constant Support via Email
• Live Web Chat 

• WhatsApp® Direct and Facebook® Direct Priority Chat
• Dedicated Virtual Concierge

We’re there to help you, and we believe in constant contact for the entire duration of our relationship.

Our Services

TalkMetric is an exclusive Digital Marketing, Content and Automation Boutique:
Everything You Need To Get Digital Peace of Mind

We are a full-service internet marketing agency, and while our best-kept secret lies in database marketing, client nurturing systems, social media and email marketing sequences, we offer a complete suite of Online Marketing services designed to reactivate and cultivate your old clients, nurture, entertain and convert your new ones, with one goal:

to give you customers for life.

"TalkMetric will take your ideas, add our layer of online marketing expertise and creativity, and build uniquely customized multi-channel digital marketing experiences, video and premium quality content that will make you and your customers feel like VIP celebrities."

• Your External Marketing & Automation Department

We will help your business spread the word about your brand, maximize your impact online, attract more customers, increase sales and ensure your company’s growth and long-term sustainability in the digital marketplace.

Here Are Some Of The Elements Of Our Integrated Services Package:

1. Digital Marketing Suite

Our Digital Marketing Suite in detail

Our Digital Marketing Suite workhorse is composed of the following bespoke services:
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & SEM Search Marketing Services
Pay-Per-Click Advertisement (Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and Retargeting)
Email Marketing & Automation
Social Media Marketing Services & Management

And our Complementary Services include:

• Professional Web Design & E-Commerce Development
• Profitable Online Sales Funnels
• Conversion Rate Optimization Services (CRO)
• E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Analytics
• Mobile Digital Marketing Solutions

2. Full Content Creation & Content Marketing System

Content is what the Internet is made of

• Let Us Craft Premium Quality Content For Your Clients
We developed proprietary content and digital marketing systems to enable your company to publish persuasive content and media that engages your customers and make them love your business.


• Professional Copywriting
Because on the web, a single word can make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.


“Forget about writer’s block. We do all your content.”

3. Automated Client Nurturing

Don't let your most important business relationships disappear over time

• Client Nurturing Sequences And Storytelling For Businesses, Enterprises And Brands:
A Perpetual Marketing Engine

We understand that for a busy business owner or professional, finding the time to just think about this area, sitting down to write compelling content, an email or regular newsletter, a social post or novel marketing piece, can be taxing…


• That is why we have entirely automated this process for you.
Our entirely done-for-you client nurturing service allows you to take the guesswork out of the process and let us produce engaging seasonal or evergreen material, and periodically engage your best and most valuable customers.


“Transform your customers into the best and most valuable asset”.

4. Marketing Automation

All-Inclusive, Done For You, Unlimited Email Automation & Database Marketing

• Your list of previous and current paying clients is your most precious asset: do more with it…

In marketing, most of your sales will happen between the seventh and the tenth contact point: we speed up the process for you, getting you faster to your revenue goals.

Here’s what Marketing Automation will do for you:
Reactivate previous clients and warm up interested leads through automated events
Nurture your current best clients, increase sales volume and create new business opportunities with automatically triggered events
Advertise and capture new leads from traditional and digital marketing channels

Free up your time, have your weekly and monthly recurring tasks and web marketing campaigns automated:
our done-for-you process is fully managed , so you don’t have to.

5. Digital Brand Experiences and Bespoke Development

Simply Put, We Make You Look Amazing

Your brand is the number one digital presentation card: when it comes to first impressions, you don’t have a second chance.

We create irresistible brands and digital products that infuse your audience’s brain with the right cocktail of attraction and exclusivity.


• Get a World-Class Brand Identity and a Professional Enterprise-Grade Website for your business.
90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and people are able to process visual information 60,000 times faster than text.


• Web Design that builds instant TRUST
Every digital project begins with a curated web presence…
That’s why we design and develop professional websites using state-of-the-art technologies and industry best practices.

From next generation CMS platforms to custom HTML5 code, we’ve got you covered.
Our websites are secure, durable and transmit a trustworthy look and feel to your clients: the first step when it comes to your business success on the web.


• Growth Driven Design: Reduce Your Business Risk with Style
Your Website is the Center of all your Online Marketing Activities:
to create a successful inbound marketing strategy, you need a strong foundation.

The development of your website needs to live inside a constant cycle of improvement, that’s why we engage in the best practices of Growth Driven Design:

we will develop your web presence iteratively, and with our continuous improvement techniques we will make sure to measure and constantly optimize your marketing ROI over time.

Let us ensure that your site is agile, on time and on budget.

6. Online Video Marketing

Grab The Attention Of Your Customers With A Bespoke Video

• Your Business Storytelling Curated by Experts
According to Inc. Magazine, 92% of B2B customers watch online video, and 43% of B2B customers watch online video when researching products and services for their business.

“People who watch a video about your service or product,
are as much as 85% more likely to purchase.”
(Source: CrazyEgg)

Video allows your visitor to understand the key points about your company without ever having to read a single line of text.
Did you know that video is processed 60,000 times faster by our brains compared to text?

While people are often hesitant to read heavy blocks of text, videos appear effortless and can be consumed very quickly. Connection speeds are increasing worldwide and mobile device sizes are growing, promoting overall better video experiences…


• Animated Video

“Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%.”
(Source: Social Fresh)

Convince and Convert your visitors in under two minutes.
We provide custom made explainer videos that follow a proven neurological and emotional pattern, designed to persuade the customer and to lead him to take the desired action in the shortest amount of time.


• Live Action Video
Simply put, we fly to your city and we shoot the most beautiful and captivating story you’ve ever seen.
And it’s all about your business.

“A High-Quality, Live Action Hd Company Video, Elegant And Cinematic, Shot Live In Your Offices Or Premises”

Our video team will fly directly to you and will take care of every detail.


• Done-For-You Video Blogging

“The most effective way of staying top-of-mind with your best clients”

Database Marketing Meets Video Marketing
After having analyzed your needs and your audience’s pain points and having created a rich editorial calendar, we will interview you over the internet (using a High Definition webcam) to produce your personalized video blog episodes and podcasts…
after that, we will promote your material to your past and present client database (always using multiple channels), so that you will be able to track who consumes your content:
then, it’s up to you to call the most interested prospect.


• LiveStreams
Harness the Latest Social Media Trend to Reach Even More Audiences
Live Video Streams directly broadcasted to your audience, through the most popular social media platforms.

“Reach your customers where they spend most of their time”


• Bespoke Online Video Marketing Analytics
after the creation phase, we meticulously review and track your real time consumption metrics, to understand your audience habits and tastes, then we optimize every detail to make it perfect for them.

Some of the Marketing Tools & Automation Services That We Work With...

Our Processes

A unique method that guides you every step of the way.

talkmetric digital marketing agency logo


FastStart™ Consultation


StrategyMetrics Sessions

Immersion, Customer Avatar Crafting, Analysis & Strategy


Experience Blueprinting



Digital Marketing, Video, Design & Development





Content Promotion, Monitoring & Tracking, KPI Measure & Review

• Exclusivity: Our suit of services is preceded by a rigorous initial vetting process: we handpick only the best projects (due to our personalized approach and in-depth research we are able to work with only a few clients at a time), and only after an initial research phase (and feasibility study) we will confidently proceed to the StrategyMetrics phase, and the subsequent project kickoff.


• Convenience: Our fully managed and extremely convenient process requires minimum input and management from you; after having gathered the initial required information and having kicked off the project, our process runs smoothly, and we will periodically present you detailed analytics reports and strategy updates.


• Efficiency: We provide the fastest solution: to begin with our initial idea vetting process, we are able to proceed within 24/36 business hours since your first contact; if the results of our analysis are positive, we will swiftly move to StrategyMetric and project kickoff, and depending on their nature and size, it’s not unlikely that you will receive your first batch of deliverables within the first two to four weeks sprint. We move fast, and we do so in incremental cycles.

talkmetric digital marketing process


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